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Your boat in the Caribbean !
Your boat in the Caribbean !
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The steps to buying a yacht with Caraibe Yachts…

We like to make it easy! Most of our clients live elsewhere . We know the boats we are selling very thoroughly. We also know the best of the resources in the French Caribbean and can put you in contact with the professionals who can help you make your decision. We will assist you in the whole process.

Here are the typical steps to purchasing a boat:

Step 1

You have found the yacht that you were looking for on our web site and asked us any questions. We have answered your questions (sometimes by going to the boat and measuring or checking things, taking digital pictures of requested areas. You like what you hear and are ready to make an offer to purchase…

We usually prefer to have a contract signed before your visit .

Step 2

We complete a "Purchase and sale agreement" with :

A) The amount of your offer , (purchase price)

B) Deadlines for :

1) Acceptance of your offer by the seller

2) Acceptance of the vessel by the buyer
(After Visit and Survey)

3)  Closing date
Deadline for Payment and  delivery

C) Subject to :
(Such as Marine Survey - Seatrial - Personal Inspection  - financing ....),

You sign the P & S agreement, and you send it back to us by fax or email. We forward it to the seller for their acceptance or rejection (the seller has until the date that you have stipulated on the P&S). If there is a counter-offer (although we try to minimize this by encouraging both parties to a reasonable and fair price) we negotiate until an offer is accepted!

Step 3

A) You will need to send a 10% deposit with a check in the name the seller , this check will be kept by Caraibe Yachts  as a deposit on the sale price. If you don't buy the boat this check will be  returned to your attention. In some specific cases, the deposit can be held on a Caraibe Yachts US $ escrow account.

B) You choose a surveyor (a marine survey is highly recommended - we can supply a list of surveyors) and choose whether to have the survey done before you come to see the boat or be present while the survey is happening and the sea trial, if you chose it, (you will need to have completed all of your “subject to” items by your Acceptance Date that you wrote in the P&S agreement).

D) You like what you have found and decide you are going to purchase the yacht. You accept the vessel

Step 4

The "Closing" process . The bill of sale is sent to the seller for signature, as soon as we are in possession of the required documents ( signed bill of sale, the proof that the boat is clear of any debts and claims ... ) the boat can be paid for according the closing statement signed by the seller.  Usually the payment is done directly from the Buyer to the Seller's account.

Then you are the new owner , we can make the French Registration, for foreign Registration we work with Specific documentation companies.

The sale is closed but we  are still there if you need:

- any information for cruising, anchorage
- a delivery crew to take your boat to another port
- a training captain for a few days
- to upgrade the equipment of your yacht
- where to buy, how to install new items
- any repairs, new sails
- help to sell your boat if you want to change boat or go back to city life.

Do not hesitate to contact Caraibe Yachts ! In the meantime stay in touch, visit our web site , send us news, and your stories...

This is the basic procedure, but it can be adapted according to specific situations.


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